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Step 5: Mail Out Affiliate Offers

So by now, you should be growing your email list and ready to start making money!  This means its time to start sending out emails.

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The key here is finding offers that you can include in the emails that will make you money.  This is pretty simple to do.  Just sign up for networks that pay out money for Affiliate Sales.  When you work as an affiliate, you can promote other people’s products and services, but when you generate a sale for them, they give you a “commission,” which is typically a percentage of the sale you generated.

Different networks have different offers you can promote.  You’ll usually want to sign up for as many networks as possible to find things your email list would be interested in buying.

Here is a list of Networks I’d recommend you check out…

Between these networks, you can usually find an offer that will appeal to any niche.  Once you sign up for them, you will be able to browse through their offers and see what might be of interest to you and your list.  Typically, the advertisers on these networks will provide you with stock emails you can send out, along with your unique affiliate link.  I’d recommend writing your own email that includes your affiliate link, since you will get better results if you attempt to make your email list a personal endeavor instead of sending out blatant offers.

As your list grows in size, you’ll make more conversions through these networks.  Just keep at it, and before long, you’ll reach your income goal!ноутбук для дизайнераcar tow hitch coversпланшеты распродажаBinary Options Managed Accountприколы порно видеоGinzzu S4720
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