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Step 2: Set Up A Facebook Fan Page

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Okay, now that you’ve gotten your email list sorted out, it’s time to create a web presence that will allow people to join your list so you can start emailing them.

If you’re the type of person who is tech savvy and able to create their own websites, then that’s great!  You can go ahead and add the email opt-in form to your website and start building your email list from there.  However, the method we practice here at Email Rebel is centered around Facebook.

Yes, that’s right.  Not only is Facebook easy to use, but it also has 400 million built-in users, and this is going to play an important role for how we grow our email lists later on.  So for our purposes, we’re going to ignore other types of websites, and instead focus on creating a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook is free and if you’re not already signed up for it, it will take you just a minute or two to do so.  However, most people in the world are signed up for Facebook, so chances are you already have a profile and are familiar with how Facebook works.

What we’re going to do now is create what is known as a “Fan Page.”  This Fan Page is separate from your personal profile, and you can use it to promote anything you like – a musician, a politician, your favorite brand of ice cream, your own small business, whatever it is you want!  Because it’s separate from your personal profile page, you won’t be bothering all your friends and family with offers or feeds concerning the topic of the page (unless they become subscribed to your page, anyway).

Here are the quick and easy steps for creating a Facebook Fan Page…

Step 1:  Determine a niche you’d like to target.

When determining a niche, think of the type of person you’d like to sell to, and what exactly you’d like to sell to them.  For instance, are you passionate about women’s shoes?  If so, then you’d want to target women who are looking to buy shoes.  I typically recommend you target a market that has lots of interest.  These can be – Make Money, Romance & Dating, and Fitness & Weight Loss.  These three categories always have great offers available that you can email your subscribers about.  The more specific your niche, the harder it will be to find offers to mail out, so try and keep your audience wide and your niche broad.

Step 2:  Create a Fan Page around your niche.

Creating a fan page on Facebook is super easy, and you can be up-and-running with it in a matter of minutes.  Here’s a video explaining how to set up a fan page if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

Keep in mind you can set up as many fan pages as you want, so you’re not just limited to one!  You can also create a separate email list for each page you create, so you can keep your lists super-targeted towards the audience you are trying to reach!

If you’re worried about not having any images to use on your fan page, don’t worry.  Just use Google’s Image search to find some free images you can apply to your page.  Or, you can use Getty Images if you want to spend a few bucks on some professional looking pictures.  Or, if you’re the do-it-yourself kind, you can just take your own pictures and use them on your page!  It’s entirely up to you.  But the prettier and more professional you can make your page, the better!

And in case you’re completely new to Facebook and have no idea how the Fan Page thing works, here’s a great video that will explain it to you in detail.  However, the video is over an hour long, so unless you REALLY want to get some in-depth working knowledge of how Fan Pages operate, you might be better off just figuring it out on your own.  But, every little bit helps, right?

After you have your Fan Page all ready to go, it’s time to set up your Email Opt In Form!купить жаровнюjewel calvesמערכות סטריאו לרכבbinary options bonusпорно видео с азиаткойgrammatical correction online

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