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Step 1: Set Up Your Mailing List

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The very first thing you need to do before you can start making money by sending out emails is to create an Email List.  There are many different ways you can do this, but I recommend going with a service that can automate your list management and sending out of emails.  It just makes life easier, and it’s extremely affordable.

I recommend using a service called Aweber for people who are just starting out.  Their user interface is very friendly, and your first month is only $1.  After that, it’s only $20 a month to maintain your list, though the bigger your list grows, the more the service costs.  However, you also make more money as your list gets bigger!  So the service actually pays for itself.

Aweber is definitely the most user-friendly service I’ve tried, and it’s quick and easy to get set up.  Here’s a video that shows you how to get started with Aweber:

Creating An Opt-In Form

After you’ve set up your account with Aweber and created your first email list, you’ll want to create an Opt-In form to be installed later on your website.  This is the form people will use to join your list.

Aweber makes setting up an opt-in form easy, however there is something you must keep in mind when designing an opt-in form for the purposes of the Email Rebel system.  And that is:  Always give people a REASON to join your email list.

Sending people to an opt in form will not get you lots of sign ups.  To do that, you have to “bribe” people to join.  Give them something for free in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.  This can be as easy as getting a Public Label Rights eBook and offering it to your subscribers for free.  Or you can make a video or podcast and offer it as a bonus for subscribing.  But whatever you do, you must have a compelling reason as to WHY someone should subscribe to your list, and you have to design your webform to feature this reason.

So when creating your webform in Aweber, try to include the reason why someone should sign up for your newsletter within the design.  This can be as simple as adding a paragraph and a stock image in the header of the opt in form.  But whatever you do, ALWAYS include it! The reason for this is because later on, when we install the webform on your Facebook page, it is the only thing that will show up, and you’ll want to have the “bribe” front and center when people visit that page.  Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of potential subscribers.

Here is how you can set up an opt-in form using Aweber’s simple wizard:

By adding an opt in form for your newsletter or autoresponder campaign to pages on your website, you take advantage of a valuable opportunity to turn one-time visitors into regulars and customers.

Publishing your first form for your email campaign is easy. Just follow these steps:

Watch a Video

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click on the “Web Form” tab in the navigation menu:


  2. Click on the “Create Web Form” button.


  3. Choose a template for your form. Just click “Show More” option to bring up a menu of the different categories.


    Browse through the different categories to find a template that matches your websites design and theme.


    When you find one you want, click on it. Then choose your color scheme and click ‘Load Template’.


  4. To add text click on the “EDIT HEADER” tab:


    A headline will help your websites visitors understand why they should sign up and what kind of information they can expect to receive. Typically, this is where you’d want to spell out your “Bribe” for joining your email list. Try to make it as enticing as possible!


  5. Once done click Go To Step 2:


  6. Now give your form a name. Your Subscribers won’t see this name, it just helps you tell this form apart from others you create later:


    This is also where you can choose to make this form work with Facebook registration, automatically filling the form out for visitors who are logged in to Facebook.


  7. Then choose where your subscribers go after they fill out your form. We offer several default thank you pages, and even a ‘smart’ version that shows each subscriber how to confirm. Or you can send them to any page on your site.


  8. Once done click Save, then click Go To Step 3:


  9. Now publish the form to your site. Do it yourself with the HTML provided or have us send that information to your Web Designer.


Once the form has been added, test it by filling it out yourself. The form is now ready to turn visitors into subscribers!
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