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Media Buys

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A media buy is the purchase of advertising space in a media venue. Print ads in newspapers, 30 second spots on prime-time television, banner ads on websites — each can be considered a media buy. Selecting your media buy should be an occasion for you to do some serious introspection on what it is you are selling, who you think your target customers are, and where you are likely to reach them for the lowest cost.

Here’s a LOT of places where you can run paid ads and do media buys: – self serve ppc contextual inline text ads – traffic co-op – PlentyOfFish Dating site. Insane amount of targeting – banners/text ads on high traffic blog network – ppv type ads on parked url’s – cheap – ppv ads – self serve banners – media buy banner network – self serve interstitials,banners,and contextual widgets – premium banner ad network – inline contextual text ads – self serve banners – ad network – contextual and banner ads – banners display aimed at gaming sites only – banners/text, similar to adbrite, allow weekly buys – text ads – banners – search related contextual display ads – banners/display, media buys – banners/display, media buys – banners – display/benners, media buys – banners, high volume media buys – banner and offline targeted at quebec – banners/display/text ads, adbrite clone, cheap – banners, display/media buys – buy ads on Google’s search and content netword – variety of solutions on AOL inventory – search/content contextual ads – cheap search ads – banners/video display, media buys – text ads on the network – premium banners/display/media buys – cheap search/direct domain ads – microsoft banner display/media buys – display/contextual ads – video/banner ads, media buys – self serve banners on myspace & a host of Fox network sites – self serve ads on facebook – coming soon self serve ads – media buys, banners/display – self serve banners on a range of design blogs – sponsored twitter posts – more twitter ads – good ppv ad network – banners/display/media buys aol banner ad/media buy network – display ads/self serve banners on yahoo sites – text ads on high traffic US site – self serve display ads, very good service – banners/media buying exchange – self serve banners, media buy type thing – banner exchange on open x ad network – media buying search/display exchange – search/contextual on parked pages. – closed beta, but will be banner/display ads – self serve banner exchange – banners/text ads, cheap – ads on good high traffic inventory – self serve banners, owned by AOL – cheaper search and contextual – retargeted ads at search traffic – farcebook apps ads, display – failbook app ads, display – banners/display/media buys – socialmedia app ads – social media advertising for media buyers – ads on various social sites, hi5, facebook, bebo et – social media ads – cheap ads, slow approvals – social media display ads – ads on facebook fan pages – facebook app ads – banner/display media buys – cpm banners on good inventory of sites – display banners, self serve, similar to adbrite – display banners, media buys, large inventory – display, media buys, unknown quantity/quality – self serve banners/display/popunders – global – display/media buys, good for Europe – display/media buys, mainly European traffic – European banner display + Affiliate network – media buys on premium UK, Irish & Aus. sites + Ebay UK – Adify powered, banners for African traffic – Adify powered, target Swedish women – display banners, most South American inventory – banners, South African traffic – UK display/rich media/video, owned by Fox – display/video media buys, UK traffic – UK/French/German contextual/search ads – Media buys, South American/Hispanic traffic – Media buys for Brazilian inventory – Text/display on various inventory. Similar model to adbrite – Owned by Fox, media buys, US Hispanic traffic – Display media buys, European traffic – Media buys, good quality French/Euro inventory – UK banners/media buys – Media buys/display on UK/Euro premium inventory – Smaller scale banner/pop media buys – Media buys/display, high volume – advertising on twitter – display/media buys – display/media buys – display/email ads, media buys – static/video in game adverts – Variety of formats, self serve platform – media buys, nice interface/inventory – media buys, good range of new formats – in-video ads, media buys – inline contextual/rich ads, media buys – banners and static/video in-game adverts – media buys, display, very good inventory for female demo – banners on 2 high traffic file share sites – media buys, display, high volume – media buys/banners, good european reach – text/inline type ads – media buys, banners/video – cpv, self serve popups – banners, contextual, search – self serve – mobile ads, now owned by google – formerly zango – pops/CPV ads – mobile ad exchange – small direct banner buys – inline contextual ads, like Kontera – ppv popups – self serve – self serve inline contextual text ads like kontera, also display ads – now called adHere – text ads on mainly tech related sites – self serve in-game ads, 300×250 only – self serve display/banners, good volume inventory – self serve search/contextual text ads – self serve contextual/inline text ads and good SEO services – display/banners – media buys – self serve sponsored tweets/blog posts – media buys targeting hispanic demo only in USA – in-video, text and banner ads – self serve text ads – Retargeting – self serve text, search and display ads – search, parked pages, text ads – good 2nd tier inventory – media buys on very high traffic CBS site inventory – produce and run video ad campaigns – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time – media buys on high traffic inventory – self serve direct ads on reddit – sponsored ads on – Display on adult inventory, flat rate buys per week/month – Banners, inline, contextual, plenty of cheap inventory – Display/rich media, some high traffic inventory – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time – Display, media buys, some good blog inventory – Contextual, inline & display, pops, parking, decent volume – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time – Web & mobile display/banners on adult inventory – Display/retargeting ad exchange – Interstitial full page ads – Direct display buys on small-ish inventory – Display ads for largely Turkish demo – As the name suggests, interstitial ad network – Display ads on Christian website network – Display ads specifically aimed at gamer demo – Ads on download thanks/confirm pagesher female calvesBinary Options Managed account1000 Venetian Wayhot girl sexy legsEcoforce 2секс видео большие члены
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