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Some Familiar Faces Are Coming To Street Fighter V – Kotaku

Kotaku Some Familiar Faces Are Coming To Street Fighter VKotakuThe third season of Street Fighter V characters was announced after the conclusion of this year's Capcom Cup, and there's a slew of old faces finally returning to the fight. Error loading player: No playable sources found. Sakura, […]

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Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos

 The right soundtrack can make a boring video interesting. So after years of reported discussions with the record labels, Facebook is launching video editing tool Sound Collection for inserting into Facebook and Instagram clips “songs, vocals, noises, and instrumental tracks spanning genres like hip hop, pop, jazz, country, […]

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Amazon’s limited Echo expansion hints at Alexa localization plans – VentureBeat

VentureBeat Amazon's limited Echo expansion hints at Alexa localization plansVentureBeatUp until now, you could only (officially) procure the speakers in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, and India. So the news represents a huge expansion for Amazon, its Alexa digital assistant, and, of course, the […]

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What you need to know in advertising today

BuzzFeed is about to make just under a third of its British staff redundant as part of a cost-cutting programme. The website’s London workforce was briefed on the plans on Thursday evening. In a tweet later confirmed by the company, media and politics reporter Mark Di Stefano said 45 […]

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These are Facebook’s internal policies on harassment and bullying

 Facebook, in a similar manner to what it did with its internal policies around Managing Bias, is making publicly available its policies on harassment and bullying. Facebook also has outlined its investigation process as a result of harassment or bullying allegations. Read More Social – TechCrunch

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Twitter’s chief dealmaker, Jessica Verrilli, is leaving (TWTR)

Twitter’s VP of corporate development and strategy, Jessica Verrilli, has left. She worked at Twitter for over 8 years and helped oversee dozens of aquisitions. Twitter’s head of mergers and acquisitions, Jessica Verrilli, has left the company. In a series of tweets on Friday, Verrilli said she had resigned […]

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MEET THE YOUTUBE MILLIONAIRES: These are the 10 highest-paid YouTube stars of 2017 (GOOG)

Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has become the de facto launchpad for the next generation of internet celebrities. It’s no secret that YouTube’s biggest stars are using sponsored videos and advertising to make a living on the platform in addition to making a name for themselves. […]

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Introducing Push Notifications – Know When Your List Grows

You know that feeling when you get a new subscriber? Or a lot of new subscribers? It’s a great feeling. And it’s incredibly motivating. It shows that what you’re doing is working. Perhaps your new subscriber loves your content. Or, even better, they’re interested in your product […]

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Facebook adds support for live streaming and video chats to Messenger games

 Last November, Facebook launched Instant Games, a new platform for gaming with friends inside the Messenger chat app. Today, the company is announcing a couple of notable new features for this gaming platform, including support for live streaming via Facebook Live and video chatting with fellow gamers. […]

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